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"Discovery of High Quality Novel Clinical Drug

Candidates in a Cost-effective and Timely Fashion”

Kemxtree Research Laboratories was founded by a medicinal chemist from Merck research laboratories. The primary goal of Kemxtree is to provide the global pharmaceutical and biotech clientele a legitimate extension of their discovery laboratories in India. The management team at Kemxtree research laboratories has years of US trained drug discovery experience and a proven track record of delivering over a dozen clinical drug candidates to the Merck pipeline. With the combination of this Discovery Expertise and the Indian talent pool, Kemxtree aims to carry out Discovery activities on behalf of our clients to produce HIGH QUALITY NOVEL CLINICAL CANDIDATES in a COST-EFFECTIVE yet TIMELY manner

Kemxtree is a Research driven Drug Discovery Organization, which will provide its clients with cost-effective drug discovery service solutions in two forms; we can deploy cross-functional scientific teams consisting of medicinal chemists, biologists, molecular modeling and drug metabolism experts to take on any drug Discovery problem in an inter-disciplinary manner and rapidly distill a solution. These teams can not only be charged with the scientific responsibility to create novel and patentable IP, they can also produce clinic-worthy drug candidates on virtually any drug target in a timely manner. Kemxtree will also make a range of drug discovery services accessible on an À la carte basis where a client can choose to customize a solution to fit their needs.

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