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The proverbial “low hanging fruit” in drug discovery, for the most part, has already been picked.  The current generation of new drug targets is more complex than ever.  This in turn poses significant scientific challenges and increased burden on the existing infrastructure of any pharmaceutical or biotech organization. 

At Kemxtree Research laboratories, our scientists in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and drug metabolism work in an interdisciplinary fashion to further the goals of drug discovery programs till suitable pre-clinical candidates or “fit-for-purpose” molecules are identified to answer whether a given drug target warants investigation and investment.  At the request of our clients we will field scientific teams that can undertake not only the synthesis of target molecules, but also be able to make critical design changes, taking into account in vitro and cell based activities as well as assimilating information on the metabolic profiles of various analogs in order to produce clinical candidates that would not only interrogate the drug target in question but will also have the desired properties to make them suitably orally bio-available and easily be amenable to formulation.

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