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Instrumentation and Facilities
The R&D center in Mumbai measures 20,000 sq ft in area, of which 6000 sq ft of laboratory space has been re-furbished for discovery operations.
Synthetic Chemistry :
  1. Fully equipped Laboratory space of 6000 sq. feet expandable to 40000 sq.feet with modular Fuming hoods for all scientists.
  2. Rotary evaporators.
  3. Autoclaves.
  4. Paar Hydrogenators.
  5. High Vacuum pumps (0.005 mm).
  6. 50 liter jacketed reactor (-60°C- + 200°C).
  7. 100 liter jacketed reactor (-60°C- + 200°C).
  8. Huber unistat cooling and heating systems (-90°C- + 200°C).
  9. 20 liter Buchi Rotary evaporators.
  10. ISCO 16X Combiflash Companion systems.
  11. Agilent single quad LC-MS for reaction monitoring.
Analytical Chemistry :
Kemxtree has state of art in house analytical instrumentation to support the research activities which includes
  1. Bruker Avance III 400 MHz NMR (2008 model) with 24 sample auto-sampler to record 1H, 13C, 15N, Phosphorus and fluorine nuclei. Variable temperature experiments from - 60°C to + 80°C can also be conducted.
  2. Agilent LC Mass systems for purification and reaction monitoring.
  3. FT-IR and digital polarimeter.
  4. Varian Preparative HPLC with 500ml/min pump head for large scale purification.
In Vitro Drug Metabolism :
  1. Two Triple Quad tandem LC-MS systems for Bio-analytical quantification; An AGILENT 6310 QQQ in tandem with rapid resolver Agilent HPLC and a SCIEX ABI 2000 in tandem with rapid resolver Agilent HPLC.
  2. Ion-trap MS for Metabolite Identification an Agilent 6410 ion trap in tandem with rapid resolver Agilent HPLC.
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