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Discovery of Clinical Drug Candidates (Lead Optimization)


“Discovery of High Quality Novel Clinical Drug Candidates in a Cost-effective and Timely Fashion”


Discovery of novel clinical candidates involves a unique interplay of Creativity in molecular design, strong synthetic chemistry, a sophisticated understanding of structure activity relationship and PK/PD as it relates to modulating the drug target of interest. Discovery of novel clinical candidates also draws considerably on experience and proven track record. Discovery of novel clinical candidates is also inextricably associated with creation of new Intellectual property.

Kemxtree is uniquely armed with the expertise, capabilities and skilled medicinal chemists to deliver quality clinical drug candidates against a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas in a timely manner.

Kemxtree’s cross functional scientific teams consisting primarily of medicinal chemists with help from expert biologists, drug metabolism, rodent PK and formulation groups are key to our goal of delivering quality clinic-worthy drug candidates on virtually any drug discovery target in a cost-effective yet timely manner without compromising the science. These drug discovery teams leverage in state-of-the-art in house drug discovery capabilities in the most optimal fashion.















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