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Parellel Synthesis and Chemical Libraries


“Discovery of High Quality Novel Clinical Drug Candidates in a Cost-effective and Timely Fashion”

Chemical Libraries are a great resource for finding new leads against known targets as well as newly discovered ones. At Kemxtree we are constantly generating novel chemical libraries with a focus on internal diversity as a primary criteria and drug-like properties as secondary criteria. The size of the library varies according to the chemistry that is implemented to synthesize them. The current offerings of chemical libraries range in their focus from natural product scaffolds, literature reported novel scaffolds / templates and target focused libraries (kinases, GPCRs etc..). These libraries will be made available for screening purposes.

At Kemxtree, we are equipped to execute library synthesis either by solid phase or parallel solution phase and according to client design. We use state of the art parallel purification platforms that significantly cut the time of synthesis of these chemical libraries. Drug discovery teams at Kemxtree also effectively leverage technologies that are utilized for library synthesis to create smaller SAR focused analog sets in conjunction with traditional medicinal chemistry efforts on drug discovery programs to accelerate SAR when needed.
















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