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Hit to Lead Identification



“Discovery of High Quality Novel Clinical Drug Candidates in a Cost-effective and Timely Fashion”

Hits for novel drug targets are found in a variety of ways. Screening compound collections from various available sample repositories as well as our own internal diverse collection of compounds. Senior members of the Kemxtree medicinal chemistry team are conversant with de-convoluting the Hit-set. Following which they will reconfirm these “Hits from screening” through independent re-synthesis in the process authenticating the “Hits”.

After confirming, “Hits from screening” need to be prioritized according to their potential for drug-ability. The criteria for prioritization can be multi-factorial and the Kemxtree team, empowered by in-house capabilities, will profile all the confirmed “Hits” for drug-like properties, metabolic profiles, off-target activities and bio-availability. Based on the information given, HITS against novel drug targets can be rapidly “prepared / positioned” for full blown lead optimization to either discover the clinical drug candidate or establish proof-of-concept compounds to validate the novel drug target. The Kemxtree team has a solid track record in delivering critical milestones on novel –never-before-discovered drug targets.



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