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Early lead optimization and Target Validation

“Discovery of High Quality Novel Clinical Drug Candidates in a Cost-effective and Timely Fashion”

During the early stages of discovery, it is important to obtain validation for the drug target of interest. This is particularly crucial in the case of recently discovered drug targets. Validation can be obtained by several biological methods. However, it is always beneficial to supplant such validation by modulation of the drug target of interest with a small molecule.

The Kemxtree team has a solid track record of working on novel yet-un-validated drug targets. We are experienced in asking key questions that would provide validation of drug targets as it relates to the hypothetical therapeutic benefit that they are labeled for. Following which we will tailor design the “hits from screening” or “de novo LEADS” to provide “Fit-for-purpose” molecules that are optimized just enough so as to provide validation / proof-of-concept to enable confident Go / NO-Go decision making in a timely manner. At Kemxtree we feel that it is important to facilitate “target validation” and “early lead scouting” for our clients so that effort and money can be channeled smartly while minimizing waste.
















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